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My PowerPoint presentations

PowerPoint ppt's

Welcome to my PowerPoint presentations page !

Here you will find some of the PowerPoint presentations I have created for my local Astronomical Society and Camera Club

All my presentations are .ppt built using MS Office 2000 PowerPoint. If you don't have PowerPoint :-1) 32bit Windows users, use the Microsoft 2007 ppt Viewer2) Install the Open Source Open Office and use it's 'Impress' package.3) Use the ancient 'Windows 95/98 ppt viewer' included in the 'pack and go' .zip version of the presentation (if available)
NB. To create movies from Powerpoint .ppt, visit my converting ppt to video page (part of my 'Making a movie DVD' topic)

Stellarium tutorial, how to make your own Landscape and how to 'remote control' your telescope

If you are just looking for 'How to redirect a local serial port via WiFi to a remote serial port', see my Telescope Remote Control page, "serial to WiFi to serial" subject

Getting #MaidenheadAstro 'tweets' on your mobile phone

How to create a 'twitter' account and change the settings so you are not swamped with spam, then how to receive tweets on your mobile phone from #MaidenheadAstro

For 32bit windows (Windows 98, 2000, NT and XP etc.) users without PowerPoint (and not wanting to install Open Office or the 'proper' MS PPT 2007 Viewer), here is the MAS-Twitter.zip 'pack and go' version (un-zip and run the pngsetup.exe)Be warned that the 'pack and go' is for those who are familiar with the 'old' way of doing things, if you expect it to be 'click and go' DO NOT use it :-)

OK, for those who REALLY don't want the Powerpoint version, I've 'converted' it to a 'movie' on My PowerPoint movies page

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