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Using a Home Server / NAS to keep your data safe

Crash recovery is easy if you have already taken steps to preserve your data against virus infections and hard drive failure by making regular back-ups. However when you (or some-one else) accidentally deletes or overwrites a vital document, music track, photo, you will discover how hard it is to recover specific files from a back-up 'archive'. The backup strategy I recommend here will make sure this can be achieved. I also address the common problem of corrupted 'FAT32' directories on removable media - such as USB sticks and camera SD cards (which will inevitably contain irreplaceable photo's).

The pages in this topic are :-

  + notes

Data preservation - (basics)

  + Disk imaging - (software)

  + Using scripts - (to preserve your data)

RAID set up

  + Hard drives over 2Tb - (with Windows XP)

Backup - (and Synchronisation)

Hardware failure - (recovery after)

  + Recovering data

Home Server (NAS)

  + Why you need a NAS ? == Latest changes (modified 23rd Jun 2020 04:38.)

  + Software for a Home Server

  + Server hardware

  + Checking your Router

  + Setting up a Home Network - (Ethernet)

  + DLNA Server - (options)

  + Setting up user accounts

  + Keeping it running

Server services - (Index)

  + Time Server - (set up)

  + FTP Server - (set up)

  + BOOTP Server - (set up)

  + Media Server - (set up)

  + CCTV Server - (set up)

  + PHP Web Server - (set up)

  + WiFi Access Point - (set up)

Backup Synchronisation - (and recovery)

Next subject :- Data preservation - (basics)