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Microsoft PhotoStory 3 - Index

PhotoStory 3
MS PhotoStory allows you to take a collection of your photo's and create a 'movie' by panning, scrolling and zooming from one photo to the next. PhotoStory has the ability to generate it's own 'generic' music or you can add you own tracks. It is even possible to add simple text 'titles'. Whilst the default aspect ratio is 4:3 you can create 16:9 'widescreen' movies (or even HD !) by pre-distorting your photo's before generating the output. Unlike more 'modern' packages, PhotoStory supports original photos up to 52 megaPixels (7200x7200) and provides a really simple and easy to use GUI that allows totally flexible user controlled panning and zooming.

Note - to use PhotoStory, you need a Windows XP (sp3) PC with at least a 2GHz CPU & 2Gb RAM (Windows 7 (64), 4 core, 12Gb recommended, will also work on a Windows 10 PC). To prepare material for a full length DVD, you will need at least 20Gb of free hard disk space.

The software and methods presented here also work on Windows 7 / 10 (64bit) and may also work on Vista / Windows 8 (however I have no interest in testing with either, sorry)

The pages in this topic are :-

  + notes

  + Usage and limits

  + Maximising quality

  + Getting back to WMP9

  + Overcoming jitter

  + Memory usage

  + Overcoming jitter

  + Installing on a 64bit Win7 PC

  + Installing on a 64bit - (Win7 8 10)

  + PhotoStory on Win10

  + Alternatives - (to PhotoStory)

HD from PhotoStory

  + Making HDR images - (for PhotoStory)

  + Using PhotoFilmStrip - (for PhotoStory HD output)

  + Building transitions - (manually)

DRM - (and the media moguls)

  + Music for PhotoStory

Converting from wp3 - (to video)

  + Using Movie Maker - (to make DVDs)

  + Using Media Encoder - (and AVCHDs)

Microsoft media output Profiles

  + Downloadable output Profiles - (for PhotoStory)

Hacking the Project file

QBasic scripts - (for PhotoStory)

  + QBasic command list - (reference) == Latest changes (modified 18th Jun 2020 18:18.)

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