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DIY star tracking

To take photo's of the stars even modern digital camera's require exposure times from 10's of seconds to a few minutes or more. However any exposure over a few seconds, especially with a telephoto lens, will show 'star trails' (caused by the stars 'smearing' as the Earth turns). To take 'pin sharp' photo's requires a camera mount that counteracts the movement of the Earth. One such (that can be constructed using basic wood-working skills) is the 'Barn Door' or 'Haig Mount' and is described here.

Although the basic Barn Door mount can be 'driven' by hand, I also describe how a simple electro-mechanical drive can be constructed without the need for any complex electronics. To minimise battery usage, I then finish up with a more complex PWM driven system

The pages in this topic are :-

  + notes

Barn Door - (basic principles)

  + Fabrication - (calculations)

  + Building a Barndoor - (Haig mount)

  + Manual operation

  + Better NCP - (alignment)

  + Basic electrics - (relay drive)

  + Electronic drive - (principles)

  + Stepper motor drive

  + Astroimaging - (with the Barndoor) == Latest changes (modified 18th Jun 2020 18:20.)

Star tracking - (AutoTracking)

  + Introduction to autotracking

  + Basic motor control

  + Gearing and control

  + PWM motor control

  + Retrofitting in practice

  + Telescope remote control

  + The actual map fixes - (whats changed in x3)

Astrophotograpy - (Index)

  + History of digital astro imaging

  + Setting up your telescope

  + Using filters

  + Field of view

  + Using your Camera - (Canon DSLR)

  + Imaging the moon

  + The what and why of RAW

  + Defective pixels - (what are they)

  + Astro image processing

Links to Astrophotography software

Astronomy Projects

  + Astronomy SQM - (Sky Quality Meter)

Links to Astrophotography software

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