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How to make your own movie DVD's - Index Page

DVD movie making Index
The following pages assume you already have your video clips in some 'common' format. If you are using MS PhotoStory 3 (so your output is in wmv-i format), see previous pages on how to use Windows Movie Maker to get this into DV/AVI before continuing here.

The pages in this topic are :-

  + notes

DVD making - (background)

Preparing video - (for a DVD movie) == Latest changes (modified 31st May 2018 18:43.)

  + Using MediaInfo

  + PowerPoint to video

  + Video to DVD - (mpeg format)

DVD author software

  + Using DVDAuthor

  + Using DVDStyler

  + Using DVDFlick

  + Adding subtitles to a DVD

HD video - (issues)

  + Making AVCHD DVDs

DVD movie software

My PhotoStory movies

  + My PowerPoint movies

  + My PowerPoint presentations

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