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Other Projects - Index Page

Other Projects
Here you will find all sorts of 'stuff' that may have little to do with my main hobbies but was still fun to work on :-)

The pages in this topic are :-

  + notes

Windows PhotoFrame project - (WindowsXP)

  + PhotoFrame Screen Savers - (WindowsXP)

  + CMD Script - (for Windows PhotoFrame)

Ring flash lamp - (project)

6ch audio switch - (for PC speakers)

PC upgrade - (migrating from a Dimension 3100) == Latest changes (modified 23rd Jun 2020 05:44.)

Digital Oscilloscopes

  + ADC front end

  + LPT Parallel Port Oscilloscope

  + RS232 PC Serial Port use

PoE cable - (for Telescope)

Auto ducking mixer

SETI wall - (a Distributed Computing farm)

  + Background

  + Building a Compute Node

  + Node boot - (floppy)

  + Reducing the boot image - (system size)

  + System size reduction - (beyond nLite)

  + Using Sys Prep

  + CF and USB booting

  + Setting up BOOTP Nodes

  + CUDA - (SETI on video cards)

  + Changes - (for BOINC)

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