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Computer Wargames

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I have always been interested in table-top wargaming, especially in the Ancients period where I eventually settled on using the DBM rule-set. I dabbled with 'computer moderated' wargames for a while but found that the time needed to enter all the details into the PC just resulted in everything taking a lot longer - so to speed up games I went back to using pen and paper :-)

For a while I did play some computer based 'wargames', however I soon became disillusioned with the authors choice of unit 'characteristics' and 'combat effectiveness' which were always aimed at 'entertainment value' rather than any sort of 'realism' or 'simulation'. Recently, however, I stumbled across 'Crimson Fields', a simple hex-based wargame designed to run across multiple platforms from desktop computers (PC, Mac) to 'smart' phones and tablets (Android). Whilst it's another 'entertainment' game, what really made it different from all the rest was the small size of it's 'source code' and the fact that it was available under Open Source licence ! The small size meant that it could be 'understood' by one person (rather than needing a team of dozens) = so I decided to see if I could modify it meet my own requirements.

The pages in this topic are :-

  + notes

Crimson Fields

  + Better battles

  + Annoyances and issues

CF on the Raspberry Pi

  + Compiling CF on the Pi

CF battle files - (definitions)

  + CF Unit icons

  + CF Terrain tiles

  + CF Maps - (definitions)

  + CF Events system - (definitions)

Fixing issues - (my x3 map set)

  + Unit and Tile definitions file fix

  + Unit and Terrain - (tips and tricks)

  + Building my x3 maps

  + The actual map fixes - (whats changed in x3)

New artwork - (Units and Tiles)

  + Missing unit - (notes)

  + Adding missiles - (a new unit Type)

  + Missiles - (new Units)

  + Diving submarines - (source code changes)

  + Some new Tiles

  + Repair and Construction == Latest changes (modified 16th Jul 2018 08:20.)

  + Using Events - (for Bridging etc)

Steves WW2 maps

  + WW2 Brody Dubno

  + WW2 Dieppe - (Issue 1)

  + WW2 2nd El Alamein

  + CF El Alamein map

  + WW2 Kursk

  + WW2 Market Garden - (overview)

  + WW2 Arnhem

  + WW2 Nijmegen Arnhem

Building CF - (for Windows)

  + CF build v060

  + CF code mods

  + CF mod details

CF Ancients

CF new combat system

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