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[Using PhotoStory 3 on a Windows 10  PC] [Installing PhotoStory 3 on Windows 10]
PhotoStory 3 on Win10

Using PhotoStory 3 on a Windows 10 (64bit) PC

There is no real point in running PhotoStory 3 on a 64bit PC unless you make it "LARGEADDRESSAWARE" (so it can get access to a full 4Gb of RAM). You can 'hack' your own .exe or right click hare and "save link as" for a pre-modified .exe (you will need to unzip and remove the "-LARGEADDRESSAWARE" from the file name before use)

Authenticated Windows XP users can download MS PhotoStory from the Microsoft Photo Story 3 web page.

If you don't have a PC running XP (or when MS removes the download page), you will need to find the "Pstory.msi" package elsewhere (it should be 5,271,552 bytes exactly, with a MS Digital Signature from VeriSign dated "12 November 2004 03:13:32" = anything else will be a junk-ware installing trojan from some sham 'web repository')


Installing PhotoStory 3 on Windows 10

Unlike Win7, Win10 'knows' all about 32bit apps. HOWEVER, 'out of the box', the PhotoStory 3 installer, Pstory.msi. fails to launch, even if you run as Admin (and if you do manage to get it to install, Win10 then won't actually 'launch' the PhotoStory 3 .exe)

The problem, as usual, it's all down to MS being 'over cautious'.
Windows 10 demands software be 'signed' (in an attempt to cut down on those who like to click eMail links that contain a Virus / Root Kit etc.). PhotoStory, is, of course, signed with a Microsoft VeriSign certificate, however that's obviously 'not good enough' for Windows 10.
SO, you have to manually 'exempt' Pstory.msi from the 'signature check' - and then stop Windows 10 checking it anyway ..

In Windows 10 right click the Start button and choose "Command Prompt (admin)"

Copy and paste the following command into the Command Prompt window and press Enter:
msiexec.exe /i Pstory.msi /passive SKIPOSCHECK=1 NOLEGITCHECK=1
Copy and paste the following command into the Command Prompt window and press Enter:
rename %windir%\SysWOW64\LegitCheckControl.DLL LegitCheckControl.Disabled.DLL
You should now be able to install the Photo Story .msi OK.
If you want PhotoStory to have access to 4Gb RAM (instead of the 'normal' 2Gb), go find 'PhotoStory3.exe' and replace it with the '-LARGEADDRESSAWARE' version (see at top above, or 'hack' it yourself)

To run the PhotoStory 3 application, "right click" the 'PhotoStory3.exe' file and chose "Troubleshoot compatibility".

Windows 10 will then go through some sort of process, after which Photo Story should work just fine.

Whilst all this 'mucking around' is a 'bit of a pain', before slagging off Microsoft, just try using some 12 year old Apple software on one of those fancy new 'MacBooks' and see how far you get

In 2004, a 'brand new' Mac had a 'PowerPC' processor chip = this was a 'RISC' chip designed on the (obviously faulty) assumption that in future the processing speed 'bottle-neck' would be the CPU, and not the speed with which instructions could be fetched from RAM :-)

(+) The nonsense of RISC

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