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Crimson Fields on the Raspberry Pi

CF on Pi

Crimson Fields on the Raspberry Pi

Crimson Fields has been 'complied' for the Pi and can be found in the standard 'repositories'. You need a Pi System Image that contains at least a basic Desktop (GUI) - the 'best' is likely one intended for 'Retro' gaming (Crimson Fields uses the "SDL" libraries which, it seems, are no longer supported in Raspbian Stretch). Then all you need do is open a Command Prompt, download and install :-

sudo apt-get install crimson

Of course the next thing you will want to do is get the source, make changes and re-compile it for the Pi yourself. == and that's when the fun starts :-)

Lucky, Pi Jessie (Feb 2016) includes SDL 1.2 (te SDL version used by Crimson), so (at least in theory) you won't have to go through the 'trial and error' process of locating a 'compatible' set of all the various Library components needed to compile the Pi source

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