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Current main topic notes (includes mini-projects, common circuits and common code snippits etc.)

(+) 3001 The Constraints of History

(+) 3003 Less of a near run thing - (How UK wins the war and saves lives)

(+) 3005 The Nazi alternative - (How Hitler defeats the Soviets and dominates Europe)

(+) 3007 The British alternative - (How the United Kingdom of Europe is formed)

(+) 301a Interlude 1

(+) 9a01 Soviet units at Kursk - (details)

(+) CF SRC file format

(+) DesertAirforce1942.txt (no desc)

(+) Dec 1969 (no desc)

(+) Dec 1969 (no desc)

(+) spitfire-armanent.txt (no desc)

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