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My PhotoStory movies

PhotoStory movies

Welcome to my PhotoStory movies page

Here you will find a 'taster' of some of the movies I have made using MS PhotoStory 3

To make your own movies (and 'burn' them to DVD), visit my Using MS PhotoStory 3 and Making a movie DVD pages

Welsh Botanical gardens = for 'beamer' (1400 x 1050), 2min intro only (44 Mb)

This is the 'intro. sequence' to a 'story' about a visit to the Welsh National Botanical Gardens, prepared for my local Camera Club. Due to the high resolutions used (the 'original' images were interpolated to 7,000 pixels and the 'Story' output at 1400 x 1050 pixels) the final 10 minute movie had to be built in 5 sections of approx 2 minutes each. This 'intro' gives you a good idea of the quality that can be achieved using MS PhotoStory if you are prepared to put in a bit of effort !

After building this story I discovered that setting the '/LARGEADDRESSAWARE' flag in the PhotoStory3.exe header allowed PhotoStory to use up to 4Gb of physical RAM when running on a 64 bit (Windows 7) PC. I have no doubt that this would have allowed the story to be 'built' in a single part. For more information see using /LARGEADDRESSAWARE on my MS PhotoStory 3 topic pages

"Rock Group" holiday = the original 'for TV' version (175 Mb)

This is the original 'letterbox' version for widescreen TV's (i.e. 720x576 '16:9' stretched pixels) with stereo sound. It's mpeg-2 format, so will play in your web browser.

Note = if you click the link above, the video may be displayed in your browser at full resolution. If it does not download fast enough for a 'flicker free' display, 'right click' and 'save as' to your local hard drive before viewing (using Windows Media Player or VLC etc.

"Rock Group" holiday = the 'remastered' HD version (367 Mb)

This is the AVCHD version. Re-mastered for 1080p and 5.1 surround-sound, just unpack the BDMV folder 'tree' and burn it to DVD (using UDF 2.5 format, NOT ISO9660 !) and it will play in your normal BluRay player (with 5.1 surround sound), or (if your player supports USB) just copy the BDMV\STREAM\00000.m2ts file to a USB stick and play it from that

For an explanation of how this was created, see my Making AVCHD (from MS PhotoStory 3) page

D and R's Wedding = wmv-i, only plays in Windows Media Player (21 Mb)

I was invited as a guest but acted more as the 'unofficial photographer' :-). I took along 2 camera's (Canon 350D and 40D) using the 'stock' lens = one for 'wide angle' work (18-55mm) and one for 'close ups' (80-300mm). The (more than) 1,000 images were reduced to the few hundred 'best' and MS PhotoStory 3 was used to prepare a 'movie' of the day.

This is the 'short' version and is posted here in it's 'raw' form as output from PhotoStory (i.e. in 'wmv-i' format), so it can only be played in Windows Media Player / Windows Movie Maker (or, these days, Microsoft Expression Encoder). To maintain maximum resolution, it was saved at 1280x960 (4:3) and reduced to a 'DVD compatible' 720x576 using Windows Movie Maker.

The full movie was converted to DVD and lasted about 1 Hr. in 13 chapters !

Peru (Lima) 'day 1' (draft) = SVGA (800x600) for PC (41 Mb)

A while back I went on a 'round the world' holiday. This clip was made from photo's taken on the first real day of the holiday in Peru using Photo Story 3, saved as .wmv-i and then converted using Windows Movie Maker into 'normal' wmv format (800 x 600 4:3). Whilst 'best' played using VLC it shows the poor 'smoothing' effect you get when you allow any MS software to 'interpolate' your pixels :-)

When i have time I will 're-master' this by unpacking the PhotoStory project file and interpolating up all the images using a 'real' photo-edit tool (such as ImageMagick)

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