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My Raspberry Pi multi-media Projects

Pi multi-media
Whilst 'any' Pi can be used, the neatest, cheapest and simplist is the Pi Zero. The Pi zero has everything you need to play music and video's and can even act as an audio and photo Server ! Abount the only thing it CAN'T do is real-time video format conversion - but if your video's are converted on a 'proper' PC, then the Pi Zero makes the perfect video player !

DON'T be fooled into parting ££'s for a Pi B3 to run KODI (or any other multi-media project) = it may have a quad core CPU but it's the GPU that plays HD movies, not the CPU !

The pages in this topic are :-

  + Pi as a Media Server == Latest changes (modified 18th Jun 2020 18:15.)

  + Pi Zero Internet streaming radio - (project)

  + Pi in car mp3 radio player - (project)

  + KODI fully loaded - (onto the Pi Zero(W))

  + Pi JukeBox - (project)

  + JukeBox software

  + Pi CD auto Rip - (project)

  + Pi Slide Projector - (project)

  + Pi kiosk movie player - (project)

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